Riverdale Farm Sanctuary Project

Compassion and Justice in the Heart of Toronto

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Riverdale Farm Sanctuary Project is a Toronto-based grassroots initiative to encourage the transformation of Riverdale Farm into an urban farm sanctuary, serving as a compassionate and sustainable model for the future of our communities.


Rescue + Refuge + Advocacy

Sanctuaries offer rescued animals a place to live in peace, safety, and comfort. Staff and volunteers provide life-long care for animal residents and assist them in flourishing. Educational programs are designed to raise awareness to help end the institutionalized injustices that animals are subjected to, and advocate for the respect and recognition of their rights.

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Compassion + Nonviolence

The foundational and evolving philosophies of compassion and nonviolence guide the governance and daily practices at the sanctuary. Living in compassionate ways that promote peace and harmony could help tackle a wide range of interconnected issues challenging all humans, animals, and our shared planet. 

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Ecological + Food Justice

The sanctuary could use and expand on existing space and infrastructures at Riverdale Farm to support urban plant-based agriculture. In alignment with the guiding vegan ethics, the sanctuary could offer programs for people who wish to learn and develop the skills and knowledge necessary for sustainable, low-impact, urban plant-based food production. The food could then be distributed to communities most in need. 

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Interspecies Community

The animals who share our planet are here with us, not for us. As permanent residents at the sanctuary, the animals become members of our community, from the neighbourhood of Cabbagetown to the City of Toronto and beyond. As community members, we live in relationships built on respect, care, and mutual aid. A sanctuary is the fertile ground from which we foster, grow, and spread peace and compassion to all beings.

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